About Us


Michelle Posada created the Michi’s Wellness brand to share her health and nutritional products all starting with her first product: Michi’s Skinny Detox Tea. So we take pride in only selling products we love and use ourselves.

Our products have all-natural ingredients, and we never sell anything with added sugar or preservatives. The three product lines focus on the best Detox Teas, CBD and Superfoods you can find anywhere!

Our Specialty

While similar products may be available elsewhere, when you look close, nothing else compares!

First, the success of our Michi’s Skinny Detox Tea comes from its delicious taste and great results. The instant tea form we created makes our tea easy to use. Traditional detox teas have awkward tea bags that often contain dangerous micro plastics.

Second, our CBD product line is stronger, more affordable, and lab tested. You can’t find any better CBD on the market!

Finally, the Amaranth Obleas in our Superfoods line contain better ingredients than similar obleas. Above all, they taste better! As a complement to the Obleas, we offer delicious, sugar-free and vegan spreads to create the perfect sweet, creamy, crunchy, and healthy snack!

You can purchase everything online or at our restaurant Michi’s located in Miami, Florida. Or internationally, we work with a number of distributers you can find here.

Our Founder

Michelle Posada is a renowned health and wellness expert frequently seen on TV. Michelle starred in commercials and movies from an early age in her native Venezuela and later in telenovelas when she moved to Miami. Her social media channels and love for cooking, health and wellness paved the way for the opening her namesake restaurant Michi’s which quickly grew to the most popular health food restaurant in Miami. She is frequently featured in newspapers, magazines, and TV shows, bringing her expertise in food, health, and wellness to audiences around the world.

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Michelle Posada on TV with Detox Tea