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4 Ideas for healthy snacks using Michi’s Wellness spreads:

We are obsessed with our Michi’s spreads because they are the perfect solution to a guilt-free craving NuteMichi Ice coffee: It tastes amazing and is easy to make. Perfect for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up snack. You will need:   NuteMichi Almond Milk Chocolate Obleas Ice Coffee   Preparation: Start by adding the Nute-Michi spread at the […]

My Second Set of Twins – Michi’s Belly Lotion & Michi’s Belly Oil

When I got pregnant, I was apprehensive about stretch marks, I started trying all the creams and oils on the market, but many things did not convince me: 1. The smells made me very nauseous. 2 . I didn’t particularly appreciate feeling sticky or greasy, especially the fact that I wasted more time waiting to […]

What Makes Our Fertility Tea a Success:

Our Fertility Tea: Femme Shine is composed of 4 powerful ingredients that increase and support the natural functions of the ovulation and fertility process in women. Benefits: • Balance in sexual desire. • Reduces stress, we know that stress is the enemy of fertility, so keeping it out of the way is very helpful. • […]

Breastfeeding and Mamacita Detox Tea: What makes this such a great match for new mommies?

Mamacita Detox Tea is the newest detox tea we launched in 2020. After creating our best-selling product, the Skinny Detox Tea, we wanted to create a new formula to specifically promote and support women’s health. Especially for new mommies during breastfeeding. Why drink Mamacita Detox Tea while breastfeeding? It is a detox tea without caffeine. […]

Wellness Trends for 2021: a year for self-care

The New Year is here already, so here are the most important wellness trends. There are lots of trends so far, but here are the ones we feel are most important. Let’s start! + Digital Workouts At this point, we all have turned our living room or some space of our home into a gym, […]

Benefits of CBD: Everything you need to know

Do you feel intrigued about the benefits of CBD for health? Many people who have suffered from insomnia, anxiety, or chronic pain and have tried CBD have found it an appealing alternative. Thanks to its multiple benefits, the CBD is considered the good part of the Marijuana plant. The CBD is one of the components of […]

Why should you do a 28-day detox? Find out now!

Maybe the idea of doing a detox can sound like a nightmare for many people. When someone hears about doing a detox, they instantly think: “I won’t be eating anything for a whole week, I will pass out.” We can only tell you that there is nothing further further from the truth. Why should you […]

Overeating on Thanksgiving: How To Achieve Balance

Today is Thanksgiving, a holiday we love, but also that means something: overeating! And, again the good part, family and friends getting together to celebrate. Even though this year the celebration turns a little bit different due to Covid, most people still have big food plans! For that reason, we want you to be prepared […]