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Guilt Free Holidays!

The holidays are special moments to enjoy the company of loved ones and celebrate the joy of the season. However, they are often accompanied by delicious temptations that can challenge our wellness goals. Here, I share with you some recommendations to enjoy the holidays without overindulging.
I believe It's better to take care of ourselves with some things to be able to enjoy others without guilt.
  • Take our Michi's Skinny Detox Tea: Our tea has a powerful blend of completely natural organic detoxifying ingredients loaded with antioxidants. Take it every morning to lose weight, feel less hungry, and gain energy! A perfect start to the day.
  • And if you are breastfeeding or enjoy nighttime tea, we recommend our Mamacita Tea: A special caffeine-free detox tea formulated especially for women. Perfect to take in the evening if you're already having detox tea during the day. It's also ideal for use during breastfeeding. 


  • Include physical activity: Take advantage of the season to engage in fun physical activities. Family walks, outdoor games, or even a home exercise routine can counterbalance the increase in festive meals.



  • Swap your sugar-filled Santa Cookies for our Collagen + Keto Mini Cookies (Sugar-Free): These mini cookies may be small in size but huge in benefits! Each serving boasts 6 grams of protein and a strong dose of collagen in a delicious, sugar-free, gluten-free, and 100% keto treat. Collagen as a supplement is used to support the health of skin, joints, and hair.


  • Plan ahead: Anticipating celebrations can help you stay in control. Plan your meals and snacks for the holiday, making sure to include healthy options to balance indulgences.


  • Hydration is key: Water is your ally during the holidays. Stay well-hydrated to help control hunger and avoid confusion between thirst and hunger. Also, limit the consumption of sugary drinks.


  • Don't skip meals: Skipping meals before a festive event can lead to overeating. Eat balanced meals throughout the day to maintain your energy and avoid succumbing to the temptation of overeating.


  • Enjoy the moment: The holidays go beyond food. Enjoy the moment with friends and family, and don't focus exclusively on what's on the plate. Emotional connection is as important as nutrition.
      With these tips, you can embrace the festive spirit without compromising your wellness goals. Happy and healthy holidays!
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