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Overeating on Thanksgiving: How To Achieve Balance

Today is Thanksgiving, a holiday we love, but also that means something: overeating! And, again the good part, family and friends getting together to celebrate.

Even though this year the celebration turns a little bit different due to Covid, most people still have big food plans! For that reason, we want you to be prepared to deal with the overeating characteristic of this holiday.

What is Overeating?

Overeating is very common during the holiday season including Thanksgiving. Overeating occurs when we don’t take care with the food portion we eat during the Thanksgiving dinner, the excess alcohol, and that extra dessert portion we ask for. Also, when we eat not for the appetite but emotionally.  

 How to avoid overeating?

  • Enjoy Thanksgiving dinner without feeling guilty

Forget about feeling guilty about the dinner you’re going to have during Thanksgiving. Guilt is a negative emotion that causes bad feelings in our body and mind.

On the contrary, permit yourself to enjoy this holiday to the fullest.

  • Think before you eat

Ask yourself before asking for another plate if it is really necessary. Why do you want that extra plate? Do you really feel hungry?

  • Bring healthy food to the party

Create your own healthy version of the traditional dishes of Thanksgiving, and bring them to the dinner party. You’re not going to prepare all dishes but, for example, you can bring a less caloric and tasty dessert.

 Take action the next day

Everything in life is about balance. So, the next day is important for you to take some actions to get rid of the extra calories you ate.

  • Detox your body!

Start the next day drinking our Skinny Detox Tea. It will help you to detox your body from toxins, bad fats, it will deflate you, and it will boost your energy. You can take it for the whole day or take our Mamacita Detox Tea.

Also, we recommend to do a liquid diet during the day or to have a Juice Detox Day. At Michis we have a Detox Plan with Six juices for the whole day (if you never have done a detox day, consult your doctor first).

  • Do your workout!

Do your regular workout routine to get rid of the extra calories you ate the day before. We also recommend having the clothes you use to go to the gym in sight. It’s a nice reminder, and it will cheer you up.

Now that you know how to avoid overeating during holidays, you’re ready to enjoy Thanksgiving!

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