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Tea Bags: A Silent Health Threat

If you are a Tea person, you are much related to tea bags.  An invention that was created as a result of the growing interest in tea during the 20th century. But did you know that tea bags can be harmful for your health?

When we found out about this, the fact scared us. Because as the title of this article said, tea bags are a quiet health threat that we didn’t even know about.

Have you ever wondered about the material Teabags use?

Tea bags can be made of different materials, such as filter paper, cotton muslin, or “silken” food-grade plastic (such as nylon or PLA/Soilon).

The last material is one of the most concerning. Maybe this material doesn’t sound like a real threat, but the issue appears when you realized you can be boiling a tea bag full of herbs that are made of plastic. Which is a terrible combination.

Also, tea bags are a lot of things, but eco-friendly is not one of them. Most of these bags are not biodegradable. Nor good for the environment nor your body.

Tea Bags and Microplastic

“Canadian researchers published a study in the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Environmental Science and Technology which found that steeping a single plastic tea bag at brewing temperature releases about 11.6 billion minuscule particles known as “microplastics” and 3.1 billion “nano plastics” into each cup.” (Source)

For tea bags can resist high temperatures, fabricants and manufacturers need to use polypropylene. A well-known plastic in the industry that turns to be those microplastics you also consume when taking a traditional cup of tea.

Our Detox Teas are plastic-free

Our two main teas: Skinny Detox and Mamacita are both herbal teas. We created a blend that is instant and doesn’t require a tea bag.

As a new brand that produces and sell detox teas, we are so proud to have created a tea line with zero microplastic in it. As good for your health, as for the environment.

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