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Why should you do a 28-day detox? Find out now!

Maybe the idea of doing a detox can sound like a nightmare for many people. When someone hears about doing a detox, they instantly think: “I won’t be eating anything for a whole week, I will pass out.” We can only tell you that there is nothing further further from the truth. Why should you do a 28-days detox is the question that brought us here, so let’s dive in!

What is a detox anyway?

Detox” comes from detoxification, and it is the natural process of our body to get ridding of toxins and bad substances. You need to know that our body is that intelligent, and it is capable of detoxifying itself from natural compounds in the environment. The problem is that modern life has us living among all sort of impurities, chemicals, pollutants, without mentioning cholesterol, and our system gets overwhelmed.

Why is it important to detox our bodies regularly?

When we don’t detox ourselves, the number of toxins we accumulate can cause illness in many of our organs. So, this is the point where detox becomes not only a healthy trend but a health matter.

  • What happens in our bodies during a detox?You start to feel less bloated.You feel more energy.You lose weight.It is a great way to restart your system.

How to do a detox?

An intelligent detoxing process is not about fasting. But to know how to nourish our body with the right nutrients and taking the right steps to do a safe cleanse.

Nowadays, there are lots of ways of practicing cleanses and detox programs. We recommend you to stick with the one that fits your lifestyle and needs.

At Michis Wellness we have two detox teas with formulas that are safe, easy to make, tasty, and, most important, adaptable to the modern lifestyle.

Skinny Detox Tea

A 28-day detox tea made with organic ingredients such as Matcha Ceremonial Grade, Turmeric, Garcinia Gambogia, Ginger, Grape Fruit, Pepper, Honey, Cinnamon, and vanilla. Drink it in the mornings for 28-days, and it will boost your detoxing process while reducing your appetite, bloating, and an extra amount of energy.

Mamacita Detox Tea

A 28-day detox tea made with all-natural organic ingredients such a Roiboos, Dandelion root, Raspberry, Hibiscus Flower, Ginger, Pomegranate, Beet, Turmeric, Cherry, Pepper, and Honey. Drink it in the evenings for 28-days, and it will boost your detoxing process. Plus, it supports women’s health, reduces PMS symptoms, and stimulates the production of collagen.

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