My Second Set of Twins – Michi’s Belly Lotion & Michi’s Belly Oil

When I got pregnant, I was apprehensive about stretch marks, I started trying all the creams and oils on the market, but many things did not convince me:
1. The smells made me very nauseous.
2 . I didn’t particularly appreciate feeling sticky or greasy, especially the fact that I wasted more time waiting to dry myself to put on my clothes (and they know I’m always on the run)
3.  The quality, is this hydrating me? I felt the stickiness but not the deep hydration.
4 Is it safe for pregnancy?
I honestly couldn’t find anything on the market that met all of these needs! That’s why I decided to investigate, go to a laboratory and start developing my perfect formula to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy . This is how these babies were born 👶🏼👶🏻 (two because a twin mom wants everything in two 😂)
The first is Michi’s Belly Lotion, a divine cream 💜 of course purple based on:
✨Hyaluronic acid (a high dose) hydrates and prevents stretch marks
✨ Shea Butter: moisturizer
✨ Peptides: generates collagen and elastin
✨ Cocoa butter: nourishes the skin
✨ Centella Asiatica: protects the skin from free radicals
✨ Pomegranate: provides Vitamin C
✨ Green tea: avoid irritation
✨Vitamin E: repairs the skin
The second is Michi’s Belly Oil, a light, nourishing oil that visibly helps prevent dry skin and stretch marks during pregnancy, leaving skin looking healthy and glowing (but not greasy). Based:
✨ Hyaluronic Acid: hydrates and prevents stretch marks
✨ Almond Oil: improves skin elasticity
✨Cranberry Oil: prevents cracks
✨Golden Jojoba Oil: Reduces dryness and redness
✨Squalene: Highly effective natural antioxidant
✨ Vitamin E: Nourishes and moisturizes the skin
✨Marula oil: prevents stretch marks
✨ Sesame oil: fights the damage caused by free radicals
I have been applying these products in combination all my pregnancy, and the results are visible ✨ now I want to share this with all the moms-to-be who want to take care of the appearance of their tummy.
You can get it available for the entire USA at