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Michi’s Skinny Detox Tea (28-Day Detox)

Michi’s Skinny Detox Tea (28-Day Detox)

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A powerful blend of all-natural detoxifying organic ingredients loaded with antioxidants. Take every morning to lose weight, feel less hungry, and gain energy! A perfect start to the day.

For the evening we recommend our Mamacita Detox Tea– a special caffeine-free detox featuring Rooibos.

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Reduce Bloating:
The detox primarily uses Turmeric and Ginger to reduce stomach bloating and intestinal gas. There is no dangerous or unpleasant laxative effect.

Lose Weight:
The tea’s combination of ingredients promotes weight loss including grapefruit extract and matcha which Healthline reports works through increasing metabolism and fat burning. At the same time, Garcinia Cambogia controls your appetite.

Energy Boost:
Matcha is similar to green tea, but harvested and prepared differently to make it much more powerful. Healthline reports:
•Gain Energy and improve brain function from the naturally occurring caffeine.
•Avoid the Crash you get from coffee because matcha contains L-theanine.

We grind the all-natural tea ingredients into a highly concentrated, water soluble powder for maximum absorption. So, taking just one serving of our detox is like taking 10 servings of other leading natural detox teas.


The amazing ingredients are made into a concentrated powder similar to a vitamin supplement. Just take the provided spoon and pour the instant tea over 6-8 oz of hot or cold water. Take every morning before breakfast. You may take multiple times per day, but due to the naturally occurring caffeine we don’t recommend in the evening. For the evening, our Mamacita Detox Tea is perfect!

The Mamacita ingredients were chosen to help eliminate toxins, help balance hormone levels to relive PMS symptoms, boost collagen production, improve cardiovascular health and sleep better.

If you have any questions, always feel free to use our live chat for quickest response. We are happy to assist!


Matcha, turmeric, ginger, pepper, garcinia cambogia, grapefruit, vanilla, cinnamon, honey.


Q: When should I take the tea?
A: We recommend taking the tea before breakfast every morning. You may take it multiple times a day to replace coffee and increase your results. The tea contains naturally occurring caffeine, so we don’t recommend taking it at night.

Q: How many servings is in the package of tea?
A: Each bag contains 28 servings which is approximately one spoonful of the provided serving spoon. The contents may settle decreasing the volume slightly. The product is sold by weight.

Q: Can I take the skinny detox tea while I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?
A: We don't recommend this without asking your doctor first. Our mamacita detox tea is perfect to take while breastfeeding.

Q: What is the difference between the skinny detox tea and the mamacita detox tea?
A: The skinny detox tea is designed to lose weight, feel less hungry, and gain energy. The mamacita detox tea is designed to eliminate toxins, help balance hormone levels to relive PMS symptoms, boost collagen production, improve cardiovascular health and sleep better.

Q: Can I take this tea at the same time as the other teas?
A: Yes, we recommend doing that!

Q: How much caffein does it contain?
A: Approximately 30mg or the equivalent of approximately half a cup of coffee, but it's a different kind of caffein called thein derived from matcha to have more sustained energy and avoid the crash of coffee.

Q: Is it Keto or Vegan?
A: It has a touch of crystalized honey, so it is friendly to both diets, but not strict.

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